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Website review #3 - Twitter Butler Digest

Published 2021/03/20 09:57


Tibo submitted the website for his product Twitter Butler Digest as a reply to my tweet. Here is the website.

Twitter Butler Digest homepage

The good

Powerful in its simplicity

Everything is a single page. The request form, testimonials, and descriptions are all together. Simple and effective!


What better way to sell your product than with showing what people think of it! A nice touch and definitely a selling point!

Twitter Butler testimonials section

Straightforward access request form

An email address, a twitter handle and a button. That's it. Probably takes 2 seconds to send. No complicated questions, just a beautiful responsive form. Kudos!

Twitter Butler request form

Clear description of what the product does

If you're visiting the page for the first time, you'd like to learn more about the product. The 4 bullet points are more than enough to get you up to speed and make a decision on whether to sign up or not.

Twitter Butler request form

Nice colour scheme

I always appreciate a dark colour scheme when I see one. Dark background on light text. Much easier on the eyes. Tibo does a brilliant job at creating a distinct colour scheme. Plus it has a nice contrast for accessibility!

Twitter Butler contrast check for site background

Suggestions for improvement


The description is nice but I would like to see some screenshots of what to expect after I sign up. How do the reports look like?

Request Access button contrast

This is an accessibility issue. The Request Access button on the form last sufficient contrast:

Twitter Butler contrast check for site background

Below is the Web AIM Contrast Checker result:

Twitter Butler contrast check for button

<iframe> needs a title

The testimonials section is surrounded by an <iframe> element. iframes need a title in order to be fully accessible:

Twitter Butler testimonials iframe element

Twitter link needs a discernible name

The Twitter link at the bottom is basically an <a> tag with an <svg> inside it. Screen readers don't know how to describe this to their users unless there's some text describing it. An aria-label will do the trick.

Twitter link


A simple, effective website, with a clear description of what the product is about. Some minor accessibility issues.

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